In order to receive services or participate in any EDCI programs, first you must register as a client with EDCI. To register as a client with EDCI you must meet with our Intake and Triage department on the main level at our Worcester office.

Below you can schedule an appointment with Intake and Triage.

​Things you must provide at your intake appointment:

Proof of Identity: Driver’s license or state/government issued ID birth certificate and social security card.

Proof of Massachusetts Residence: Current rent receipt, lease, mortgage statement, tax document, homeowner’s insurance or utility bills. If you are homeless, a motor vehicle registration, statement from a shelter, from the person you are staying with temporarily, or a verbal or written confirmation from someone we can contact who knows your situation.

Earned Income: If you are working or have worked in the past 90 days you should bring pay stubs or written statement from employer on letterhead showing income before taxes for the past four weeks.

Other Income: Most recent copy of Social Security check or copy of award letter, proof of unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, pension, child support or alimony.

Self-Employment: Most recent federal tax return (Schedule C Form) or last three months of business records.

Rental Income: If you get paid by someone who rents a room or apartment from you, a copy of the lease agreement or statement from your tenant showing the amount of rent paid.

Noncitizen Status: For all non-US citizens you should bring an alien registration card or other immigration document.

Child Support Payments: If you make child support payments to someone not living with you, show proof of the legal obligation to make the payment, such as a court order, tax returns showing legally obligated support payments, verification of withholding from unemployment compensation, and the amount paid.

Proof of HIV Status: Clients wishing to receive HIV services should bring proof of HIV positive status. If you don't have proof we can assist you in getting this information.

Things you may provide, if they apply to you,

Housing Costs: rent receipt or mortgage statement, real estate taxes or homeowners’ insurance bill.

Utilities: home heating oil, gas, electricity, telephone (including cell phones), or other utility expenses such as garbage disposal, wood or coal

Child Care or Adult Dependent Care Expenses in-home or out-of-home care

Medical Expenses: If you or anyone in your household is age 60 or older or has a certified disability, outof-pocket medical expenses must be verified with receipts for co-payments or premiums on health insurance, or receipts for dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, prescription medications, doctor-prescribed pain relievers or over-the-counter drugs, and transportation to get to and from medical services.